Responsive Site-Check

Create screenshots of your responsive site in several resolutions with one click. Use for free!

Create your screenshots

Going into details

Want more? Here you go...

Is this really for free?

Yes this fantastic tool is completely free to use as much as you want. But don't count on us to keep generated screenshots on our servers and use them in your site or something similar. Rather send our URL to your friends to share the screenshots.
If you want to help us to keep this service up you can always hit the ads or make a donation...

All the resolutions you want by URL-modification

You can create screenshots in your own sizes by simply adding the $_GET-parameters url and sizes[] to our domain as in the following example:[]=900x300
You can even add multiple sizes in one call:[]=400x300&sizes[]=900x300

You want direct image output without all the html?

Okay, you get that, too! Just modify your URL to something like this:
Don't abuse we would hate to take the effort to build an authentification.